Final Bac Kill - High Level Surface Disinfectant

SKU: J30/5

Size: 5L
Formulation: Concentrated
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Sale price (£15.76 inc VAT)


A targeted product that removes a variety of graffiti stains, this formula comes in an easy spray and can be applied to many kinds of surfaces. 

  • Also removes fresh paint, adhesives, chewing gum, tar, waxes, crayons, blood and ink 
  • Ideal for public transport interior and exterior, such as trains and buses 
  •  Lifts unwanted marks from smooth and non-porous surfaces Is safe for metals, aluminium, stainless steel, plastic, tiles, laminate and plexiglass  To use: Spray on surface and allow to soak. Rinse or wipe. Soak stubborn areas for longer. 


Final BAC Kill - Information sheet

Final BAC Kill - Safety data sheet

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