Super Chlor - High Foam Cleaner and Sanitiser

SKU: F10/5

Size: 5L
Formulation: Concentrated
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Thick cleaning chemical, industrial grade cleaning chemical, concentrated hypochlorite detergent provides highly effective sterilisation and odour control without the risk of tainting food areas. Designed for food processing, catering, dairy, fish processing, swimming pools and static water systems. Recommended for use on stainless steel equipment, floors, walls, ceramic tiles, grouting, drainage, non-slip floors, concrete floors.
Powerful disinfecting properties ensure the maintenance of hygiene standards
Cleans and sanitises in one operation
Can be used for foaming application in food processing
High dilution for economy and fully biodegradable
Kills odours and destroys bacteria, mould, algae & fungus


Super Chlor - Information sheet

Super Chlor - Safety data sheet

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