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Washing hands has never been more important in the control of Covid-19 and infection cross-contamination, especially in industries where hygiene standards are vital. With its cosmetic grade ingredients, Bio Hands has been created with frequent use in mind.  

What is Bio Hands? 

An odourless professional liquid soap that is bactericidal, Bio Hands has been formulated for general use and hygiene high-risk sectors where hand hygiene is essential, including in the food preparation profession as well as more medical environments, such as hospitals, veterinary, dental and even care and nursing homes. 

What does Bio Hands do?  

Its non-tainting qualities make it food safe. It keeps the hands hydrated with added skin conditioners, making it ideal for regular use. Bio Hands works as part of a water and soap cleansing regime to control the spread of bacteria.  

How to use:  

Wet hands with water. 
Apply Bio Hands and wash the hands, ensuring the entire surface of the hand and wrist is covered. 
Interlace the fingers to clean these areas. Use a clean nail brush to clean under fingernails. 
Rinse away with clean water. 
Dry hands thoroughly. 
To ensure total skin hygiene, use Pure Hands hand sanitiser after washing.  

Recommended for:   

Food production| Transport | Restaurant | Butchers | Bakeries | Schools | Shops | Hospitals | Dentist | Veterinary | Care homes 

Our detailed support guides ensure you can understand fully how to use our products safely and effectively.  

Bio Hands - Information sheet

Bio Hands - Safety data sheet

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