Final BAC Kill - Surface Disinfectant for Infection Control (5L)

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Size: 5L
Formulation: Concentrated
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Ideal for the disinfection stage of professional cleaning and proven to be effective in the fight against a number of viruses and bacteria, Final BAC Kill is powerful enough to reach food and medical industry standards, as well as tackling biohazards.

• Ideal for the two-stage disinfection sink wash method

• Bactericidal: Kills 99.999% of bacteria (BS EN 1276)

• Virucidal: Effective against viruses, including enveloped coronaviruses (BS EN 14476)

• Fungicidal: Kills growth of mould, fungi and algae

• Sporicidal: Kills spores, eradicating bacteria at source

• 100% water soluble

• Fully biodegradable

• Reaches industry standard testing: BS EN 14476, BS EN 1276 and BS EN 13704

• Medical hygiene: Use on surfaces contaminated with blood, bodily fluids or soiling. Best for morgues, road traffic accidents, violent incidents, public buildings, public rooms or accidents.

• Animal hygiene: Use on kennel floors, walls, ceilings, tables, runs, walkways, door handles and doors.

• Food industry: Use on dispensing nozzles, vending nozzles, pipework, containers, chopping boards and utensils.


Final BAC Kill - Information sheet

Final BAC Kill - Safety data sheet

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