Chlor Tabs - Multi-use effervescent chlorine tablets

Chlor Tabs - Multi-use effervescent chlorine tablets

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Our multi use effervescent disinfection tablets provide extremely accurate dilution and are safe to use with salad and vegetables and are ideal for the disinfection of chopping boards, utensils, cloths and mops as well as stain removal on crockery. Supplied in tablet form which will not degrade in dry form and are compact to store and much safer and more economical than liquid bleach.
Kills bacteria, viruses, spores, algae, fungi
Recommended for Infection control outbreaks & bio hazards
Non - corrosive, food safe, 100% activity
Safer and more accurate dilution than liquid bleach
Use on chlorine safe surfaces, cloths, mops, crockery stain removal
BS EN 1276 tested 99.999% kill


Chlor Tabs - Information sheet

Chlor Tabs - Safety data sheet