CT80 Ride On Scrubber Dryer



IPC’s ride-on range of scrubber dryers provide maximum productivity and performance, designed for professional use on medium and large surface areas.

The CT 80 model is small in size, compact and durable. It has a variety of detailed features that make it comfortable to operate, able to reach tight spaces and suitable for a number of flooring types.


  • Tank and battery running times create impressive 4070 m²/hmax productivity
  • Great manoeuvrability in even tight corners with 185cm turning radius
  • Ergonomic design creates comfortable seat for operator
  • Suitable for use on hard floors, resin floors and porcelain tiles
  • Ideal for medium-sized areas
  • Large jobs possible with 240 min running time
  • Powerful motor with 16% climb angle capability
  • Simple-to-use pre-programmed working settings 
  • Yellow Touch Point for an easy daily maintenance
  • Eco-select feature enables longer running time, using less energy and water, and reduced noise level 



4x batteries: 240 Ah

Preset working programs

Eco-select option

Advanced noise control

Memory card

Self-levelling system

Double battery life

Service menu

Biosan bacteria control

Telematic GPS

Spraying system 4 in 1

Brushes and squeegee blades


Technical data (max):

Water tank running time: 60 mins 

Max. productivity: 4070 m²/h 

Battery running time: 4.5 hr 

Cleaning path: 700 mm 

Water tank capacity (solution recovery): 80/83 L 

Productivity for shift: up to 3150

Max running time: over 240 min

Voltage: 24(4x6)- 180 V-Ah

Installed power: 1600 W 

Brush pressure: 50 kg 

Squeegee width: 942 mm 

Max. speed: 6 km/h 

Weight: 145 kg

Dimensions: (L) 1310 x (W) 760 x (H) 1030 mm

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