CT81 Ride On Scrubber Dryer



IPC’s ride-on range of scrubber dryers provide maximum productivity and performance, designed for professional use on medium and large surface areas.

The CT 81 model is exceptional for its capabilities, with a maximum productivity of 8000 m²/h, a battery running time of 4.5 hours and a water tank running time of 90 minutes. It also has a variety of detailed features that make it comfortable to operate, able to reach tight spaces and suitable for a number of flooring types.


  • Impressive 8000 m²/hmax productivity
  • Great manoeuvrability in even tight corners with 185cm turning radius
  •  Ergonomic design creates comfortable seat for operator
  • Suitable for tough cleaning jobs on hard and soft floors
  • Large jobs possible with 240 min running time
  • Powerful motor with 16% climb angle capability
  • Simple-to-use pre-programmed working settings
  • Yellow Touch Point for an easy daily maintenance
  • Eco-select feature enables longer running time, using less energy and water, and reduced noise level 



4x batteries: 240 Ah

Pre-set working programs

Eco-select option

Advanced noise control

Memory card

Self-levelling system

Double battery life

Service menu

Biosan bacteria control

Telematic GPS

Spraying system 4 in 1

Brushes and squeegee blades

Technical data (max):

Water tank running time: 90 mins 

Max. productivity: 8000 m²/h 

Battery running time: 4.5 hr 

Cleaning path: 700 mm 

Water tank capacity (solution recovery): 80/83 L 

Productivity for shift: up to 8000

Max running time: over 240 min

Voltage: 24(4x6)- 180 V-Ah

Installed power: 1600 W 

Brush pressure: 50 kg 

Squeegee width: 942 mm 

Max. speed: 6 km/h 

Weight: 145 kg

Dimensions: (L) 1310 x (W) 760 x (H) 1030 mm

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