E-Spray Electrostatic Fogger

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E-Spray is a professional mobile sprayer that uses the principle of electrostatic induction to distribute disinfectant solutions effectively and uniformly on surfaces.
Sprayed solution has a 360° coverage which adheres quickly to all surfaces, even curved ones, does not create agglomerated droplets and reaches even hard-to-access areas increasing the quality of the sanitisation. Micronisation reduces solutions into small particles, which dry quickly and do not wet the surfaces.

An electrostatically charged spray solution can reach the entire targeted area evenly, right down to the most hidden points. The cloud of charged particles completely envelops the surface and sanitizes every part of it.

The strength of the charged participles is greater than gravity so they are immediately attracted by the surface and do not fall to the ground. Micronisation saves sanitising solution, up to 65%.

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