Finish Powerball Classic - Dishwasher tablets

SKU: F21/C

Size: 100 tablets
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Sale price (£19.80 inc VAT)


FINISH DISHWASHER POWERBALL deliver tough, powerful cleaning from the world's number one name in automatic dishwasher detergent - FINISH's reputation is unrivalled; it is ideal for domestic and professional users alike. Fizzing action removes the toughest baked-on food grime and the most stubborn tea and coffee stains, leaving the highest quality, streak-free, sparkling shine. Its "salt-and-rinse" action eliminate spotting residue and film, as well as softening the water to prevent limescale build-up. The POWERBALL incorporates a rinse-aid ball containing FINISH SUPERSHINE ingredients. The pack contains 100 tablets, wrapped individually for freshness.

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