iMop Scrubber Dryer



Designed to be highly manoeuvrable, I-Mop’s XL model scrubber dryer has the performance of its counterpart walk-behind machines, but with the flexibility of a flat mop.

Created for professional use, its specialist features ensure a long running time and ability to reach tight spaces, as well as intelligent water usage and 18” cleaning width, making it ideal for commercial and contract cleaning.


  • Cordless and 360° titanium hinge for easy manoeuvrability
  • Dual battery system and intelligent water usage allows for long running time
  • Ideal for use under beds and corners, in toilet cubicles and around furniture



Running time: 1 hr

Battery recharge time: 1 hr for 80% / 4 hrs for 100%

Lithium ion batteries made by LG

Cleaning width: 18 inch

Duel brush type


Technical data:

Brush pressure: 22 kg

Battery: 24 v 23 Ah Li-ion

Theoretical performance: 1800 m²/hr

Practical performance: 1000-1300 m²/hr

Power rating: 700 W

Recovering water tank: 4 L

Clean water tank: 8 L

Weight (empty): 17.5 – 21.5 kg

Weight (with battery + water): 25.5 kg

I-Mop dimensions (H x W x D): 120 x 52 x 36 cm

Box dimensions: 122 x 52 x 36 cm

Volume box: 0.23 m²

20’ container loading quantity: 90 – 100 pcs

Voltage: 240V

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