MotorScrubber Surface Cleaning Machine Jet 3



The Jet3 cleaning machine features targeted spray-scrub technology, allowing solution to be delivered via its powerful high-pressure pump to ensure a specific application, cleaning surfaces four times faster than manual scrubbing.  

It has been designed to fit tight spaces and allows the user access to all areas with its backpack power.


  • Ideal for cleaning a variety of surfaces, such as floors, walls and stairs
  • Powerful 360rpm scrubbing action delivers exceptional cleaning results
  • Easy access to spaces with battery backpack power
  • Targeted application with spray on-demand capability
  • Stair brush feature makes cleaning stairs easy and effective
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to handle for prolonged use
  • Telescopic handle adjusts height and has ability to scrub walls up to 3m high
  • Pivoting handle allows easy access underneath furniture as low as 20cm
  • 100% waterproof for use in water, such as above and below the waterline in pools



One year warranty

Telescopic handle: from 70 – 140 cm

High torque motor: 360 rpm

Alloy gears

High-impact glass-filled nylon casing

Drying suction kit upgrade available

Medium duty brush

Green scrubbing pad

White buffing pad

Microfibre pad

Red polishing pad

1 L bottle


Technical data:

Runtime: 3.5 hrs

Charge time: Up to 8 hrs

Machine weight: 1.75 kg

Backpack weight: 3 kg

Brush speed: 360 rpm

Scrubbing width: 1 cm

Surface covered: 144 m² per hr

Solution capacity: 1 L

Pump pressure: 7.9 Bar 116 PSI

Pump flow: 5 L/min

Linear performance: 799 m/hr

Brush pressure: 5 kg = 19.7 g/cm²

Motor torque: 11.18 g/cm1096.3 mN.m

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