Odour Kill - concentrated odour suppressant and disinfectant

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Size: 5L
Formulation: Concentrated
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Safe on all washable surfaces, Odour Kill effectively rids problems areas of bad smells, from washrooms and toilets to drains and waste bins. It also effectively disinfects areas. 

  • Economical high-concentrate formula 

  • Tackles odours at source

  •  Fresh pear drop perfume 

  • Ideal for washrooms, toilets, urinals, showers, changing rooms and any public spaces 

  • Can be used to tackle issues such as urine, sickness, waste, drains, carpets and entrances 

  • Available in 1L or 5L sizes 

  • To use: Dilute with water. Apply with mop, brush or spray. Allow to soak, then rinse. For problem areas, dilute with water 10:1 and apply direct 


Odour Kill - Information sheet

Odour Kill - Safety data sheet

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