Spray Mist/Aroma/Coast - Surface and air deodoriser

SKU: J45/750

Size: 750ml
Fragnance: Aroma
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This professional spray comes in three fragrance options and creates instantly fresh smelling public, private or residential areas, either as an air or surface deodoriser. 

Key Features 

  • Available in three fragrances: Mist, Aroma and Coast
  • Long-lasting results 
  • Neutralises stale odours 
  • Ideal for public transport vehicles 
  • Also recommended for public areas, schools, care homes and hotels 
  • Can be used to eliminate bad smells caused by body fluid spills, sickness, waste bins, toilets, changing rooms, public areas, and foot and headwear.   
  • To use: Spray sparingly onto surface or into air. Allow up to five minutes drying time 


Spray - Information sheet

Spray - Safety data sheet (J44/45/67)

Spray - Safety data sheet (J50)

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