Super Zorb - body fluid absorbent

SKU: J24/1

Size: 340 gram
Formulation: Powder
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An essential product for containing biohazard spills quickly, Super Zorb effectively cleans up toxins, making an unpleasant job easier, safer and quicker. 

  • Ideal for cleaning up spills of urine, vomit and blood 

  •  Recommended for public areas such as schools, public transport and care homes 

  • Converts fluid spills into a semi-solid gel 

  • Absorbs over 200 times its own volume of liquid 

  • Minimises bad smells with deodorising capabilities  

  • Safe on any washable surface 

  • To use: Wear disposable apron and nitrile gloves and mask if required. Follow instructions on information sheet carefully 


Super Zorb - Information sheet

Super Zorb - Safety data sheet

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